Signature Cocktails

-Pin-Up Girl – Strawberry vodka, lemon, thyme
-Spiced Up Margarita – Tequila, orange/habanero simple syrup, lime
          salt or house sweet and spicy to rim your glass.
-UnWined Old Fashioned – Bourbon, orange vanilla simple syrup, bitters
– UnWined New Fashioned – Rye whiskey, luxardo cherry syrup, black walnut bitters
-UnWined White Russian – Vodka, Crème Dupont and coffee liqueur
-UnWined El Cafecito – Dark rum, coffee liqueur, Creme dupont, chocolate bitters, topped with Coke

Bourbon/Whiskey Cocktails

-Manhattan – Rye Whiskey, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters
-Black Manhattan – Rye Whiskey, Amaro averna, angostura and orange bitters
-Old Fashioned – Rye Whiskey, simple syrup, bitters
-Whiskey Sour – Bourbon, lemon juice, bitters
-Boulevardier – Bourbon, Campari, sweet vermouth
-Black Boulevardier – Bourbon, Campari, Averna
-Sazerac – Rye whiskey, Peychard bitters, absinthe
-Whiskey High Ball – Whiskey and soda

Gin Cocktails

-Gimlet – Gin and lime
-Mint Gimlet – Gin, lime, mint
-Martini – Gin and dry vermouth
-Dirty Martini – Gin, olive juice, olive and lemon garnish
-Negroni – Gin, campari, sweet vermouth
-Black Negroni – Gin, campari, Amaro averna
-Blanco Negroni – Gin, suze, bianco sweet vermouth
-Tom Collins – Gin, soda, and lemon

Vodka Cocktails

-Martini – Vodka and dry vermouth
-Dirty Martini – Vodka, olive juice, olive and lemon garnish
-Chocolate Martini – Vodka, chocolate liqueur
-Espresso Martini – Vodka, coffe liqueur, Kahlua
-Cosmo – Vodka, lime, cranberry, and triple sec
-White Russian – Vodka, cream and coffee liqueur
-Black Russian – Vodka and coffee liqueur
-Madras – Vodka, cranberry, and orange
-Lemon Drop Martini – Vodka, Limoncello, lemon – served in sugar rimmed martini glass
-Bloody Mary – can be rimmed with salt or our house made sweet and spicy blend. Both are vegan.

Scotch Cocktails

-Penicillin – Scotch, lemon, brown sugar and ginger simple syrup
-Godfather – Scotch and amaretto
-Flying Scotchman – Scotch, sweet vermouth, bitters
-Scotch Royale – Sugar cube, bitters, Scotch and Bubbly
-Rob Roy – Scotch and sweet vermouth
-Scotch Cobbler – Scotch, curacao, cognac

Rum /Tequila Cocktails

-Mojito – White Rum, lime, mint, topped with soda
-El Presidente – Rum, Curacao, dry vermouth, grenadine
-Cable Car – Spiced Rum, Curacao, lemon
          cinnamon and sugar rimmed martini glass
-Margarita – served on the rocks with salt or no salt.
-Brave Bull – Tequila Blanco and coffee liqueur
-Tequila Manhattan – Tequila Anejo, sweet vermouth, bitters


-Moscow – Vodka, ginger beer, lime
-Kentucky – Bourbon, ginger beer, lime
-Tequila – Tequila, ginger beer, lime
-Peace – Vodka, ginger beer, limoncello
-Dark n’ Stormy – Dark Rum, ginger beer, lime
-Cranberry – Vodka, cranberry juice, lime, ginger beer

Bubbly Cocktails

-Death in the Afternoon – Bubbly and absinthe
-Mimosa – Bubbly and fresh orange juice
-French 75 – Bubbly, gin, lemon
-Spritz – Bubbly, aperol, soda
-Negroni Sbagliato – Bubbly, sweet vermouth, campari
-Pomegranate Bellini – Bubbly and pomegranate juice
-Mimosa Flight – 500ml of Bubbly paired with your choice of three juices – orange, pear rosemary, blueberry basil,      raspberry ginger, pineapple, pomegranate, or cranberry